Maja Healing

A network of effective therapists and healers living in Bali.


Maja Healing is a network of diverse healers and therapists in Bali that all work with their clients from a pragmatic perspective.  Each Maja Healing therapists and healer has refined their craft by working via the mind, body or energy yet does so in a holistic fashion – understanding that the human being is interconnected between the body, mind and emotions.

Nestled in the residential area of Umalas in Kerobokan, Bali, the space itself meant to support and inspire healing both in the therapists and patients.  The professional yet relaxed atmosphere can be felt when one walks in, and reflects how each therapist and healer approaches their patient

We work with clients from all walks of life, backgrounds, and ages.  You are welcome to find more detail about each treatment and more detail on each Maja Healing member in the links at the top of the page.  If you have any question that you do not find answered here, you are welcome to contact us.


Only if you wish to reduce your physical, emotional, energetic or mental suffering!  We are a family of professional and successful healers in Bali that will be working with you via one of the aspects (mind, body or energy) while understanding your holistically.  You are welcome to view our treatments or the different therapists we have at Maja Healing.  find more detail about each of our therapies via the ‘therapies’ section of our website. 


Our team of therapists and healers have developed their own methods and styles all with a holistic perspective. No session with the same therapists is ever the same as the session will be tailored to suit what the client requires.

It is our goal to help our clients experience effective healing in as short timescale as possible. This is why a comprehensive healer at Maja Healing is such a good investment for your wellbeing.


Our healing space is in a hidden away area on the beautiful island of Bali between the two bustling hotposts of Kerobokan and Canggu.  The healing space is quiet, peaceful and calming. Every therapist works from their own private workspace within the holistic healing centre. When you arrive, you can relax on our comfortable sofas, have a glass of water to hydrate yourself, and read a few pages or enjoy the space until your therapist is ready to meet you. Your appointment will be in a private and peaceful room, suited to what the session requires.


Just about any topic that can ail a human, we are able to work with.  This can include physical suffering such as back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, nerve pains, sciatica, digestive issues, heart problems, to emotional/energy suffering such as fatigue, emotional imbalances, trauma release, blocked energies, and to other issues such as negative life patterns, ADD, breaking bad habits, phobias, and fears. 


Some other topics include postural changes (eg from pregnancy or work related or whiplashes), damage from minor sporting injuries. Arthritis. Tension headaches. Digestion problems. Circulation problems. Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Heart Problems, Emotional Imbalances, Healing after Chemotherapy, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Diabetes, Parkinson, Sports Injuries (muscular), High blood Pressure, emotional pain and limiting beliefs. This might include recurring life themes, for example romantic relationship problems, struggle to gain financial stability or issues with family members or friends. Long term pain and or lethargy. Breaking certain habits egsmoking, bad diet, poor sleep etc.


Integrity – All Maja Healing therapists and healers are committed to carrying out their craft with the utmost respect andwellbeing for the patient, the healing arts and for themselves because it is their calling and it fulfills them.  Any less leaves them feeling uncomfortable, unfulfilled and uneasy.

 Ethics – The moral standard to effectively and successfully help the client resolve their issue as fast as possible is what drives each therapist/healer at Maja Healing.

 Practical and real –All the Maja Healing therapists/healers are relatable individuals.  They are living in the same world as you are, and do not have any types of teachings or modalities that you have to ascribe to.

 Accessible – When it comes to booking, asking questions, you are always able to be in direct contact with the therapist/healer themselves! Most of them prefer the use of Whatsapp, and you are able to find their direct contact on the Therapists page.


The Maja Healing Team is made of practical, relatable and gifted healers and therapists who move between two worlds- the modern, bustling demanding world and the subtle, energetic world of healing.




Jl. Umalas II No.74, Kerobokan
Kuta Utara, Bali 80361, Indonesia