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"The reason why we get up in the morning is the fulfilment of being part of easing the suffering and increasing the wellness of another's life"
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Kartika is a multi national child of mother earth. USA born, but has lived in Kenya, Japan, Canada and Indonesia. She speaks a variety of languages, Swahili, Japanese, English, French & Indonesian. She also has an extensive education portfolio. Kartika’s background is in Psychology, but now specialising in Hypnotherapy. Through all of this life experience she is incredibly adaptable to work with people from all cultures and walks of life. She is trained in a variety of Hypnosis techniques as well, so will help in the way that will suit your needs the best. Kartika is passionate about holding space to allow people to work through their problems in a fast and long lasting way.

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Marie, originally from Germany now lives and practices as a therapist here in Bali. Trained in Hypnotherapy, Marie holds a massive passion for working with her clients and helping them find their full potential. Not only is she a trained Hypnotherapist, but she is also a trained yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. This makes Marie’s work so much more versatile and variable. Marie’s focus is helping you, find yourself and to come back to your truth.

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Patrice holds a massive passion for working with his clients and helping them find their full potential. His believes you are always the master of your healing and will work with you to enable you to clear away any mental blockages and belief systems to liberate and free yourself back to you knowing your truth. Your true self. Your true knowing. You will be able to start living your life to the fullest following the hypnotherapy and energy healing sessions.

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Samaya, originally from Norway, has been working as a vibrational healing therapist for almost 2 decades. However, her breadth of expertise is very wide. She has been working within the holistic and spiritual fields for more than 2 decades and has training in yoga, meditation, breathwork and other forms of body work including Chi Nei Rsang organ massage and vibrational healing. Not only is Samaya trained in all of these areas, she is also a trained Life Coach. This is what makes Samaya works so unique and most importantly so powerful. She is therefore trained to work with body, mind and soul in a wide realm of techniques. Samaya will inspire you to reach your full potential.

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Jonathan does body alignment here at Maja Healing. Trained at one of the best schools in London UK, Jono has over almost 2 decades of experience in body healing. Multi national child of the earth, Jono has lived in various countries throughout his life time and has gathered various techniques from his spiritual healers and teachers from around the globe, as well as his conventional western medical background in Osteopathy. This makes Jono’s technique quite versatile and also unique. Jono also speaks a variety of languages fluently; English, French, Balinese, Indonesian.

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Our extended Maja Healing Family adds more services to the therapies and treatments of our core team. Find more info about the wonderful therapists and how you can connect.

Full Spectrum Breathing Breathwork and Trauma release As a practitioner of Yoga, Pranayama, and Holistic Body work for over 2 decades, she has experienced the profound effects of breath and the potential it holds as a transformative tool. Conscious breath is her medicine. The accelerated transformations she has witnessed through Breath work sparks her passion to teach how to consciously re-connect to the free flow of vital life-force, clear what holds us back, and embody our inherent human potential. She brings her extensive knowledge of physiology, somatic work and trauma release into breathwork, complimenting it with skilled touch. Monika loves gaining new perspectives on creating a fulfilled on all levels, and sharing these adventures of expanding consciousness, holding space for each breather’s authentic process and offering guidance on how to embrace life with greater ease. Certified Alchemy of Breath Practitioner, Teacher at Alchemy of Breath Certified BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Practitioner, Diploma Swedish and Remedial Massage, College of Advanced Massage, Australia ------- Breathwork is a powerful tool for accelerated transformation, which enables us to re-pattern our body-mind system, addressing core issues instead of symptoms. Breath work is suitable for any one interested in powerful, experiential, accelerated methods of healing and self-mastery, as well as the exploration of transpersonal realms and the deeper aspects of Self.
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