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Overcoming trauma with a holistic approach - Emotional healing therapy and pain - Maja healing therapies


Read on this side everything about our Maja Healing therapies. We believe in overcoming trauma with a holistic approach and that an emotional healing therapy and pain reduce are related.

We offer holistic healing therapies that all focus on one aspect of the being more heavily than the other aspects, whilst still honouring the being as a whole. Book your therapy now!

Whatever you are suffering from, we will have a therapeutic style suitable to relieve, release and resolve your pain and trauma.


Overcoming trauma with a holistic approach Maja Healing


Focusing mostly on your emotional being, whilst still taking client’s physical and energetic wellbeing into consideration during the treatment. Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach for emotional healing therapy and pain relief. In this therapy approach you will work through and resolve a variety of thought patterns. It works by accessing the subconscious and tapping into the root cause of the problem directly. Therefore, change can be felt fast.

Emotional healing therapy and pain


Focuses mostly on the energies within the body. It is based on acupressure and the meridian channels. Our energy healer uses a traditional Indonesian technique called totok. This technique has been passed down through many generations from the shaolin monks. In this holistic therapy style you can find more comfort and balance within your own body and soul by releasing blockages within the meridians.

Maja healing therapies​


Mostly working on your physical being, but still taking all client’s emotional and energetic wellbeing into the analysis and treatment decisions. Osteopathy works to restore your body to a state of balance, where possible without the use of drugs or surgery. It is mostly a hands on approach. Identifying where the physical body has come out of balance. The goal is to relieve tension in the body, increase mobility, improve blood flow and supply to the muscles and nerves.

Overcoming trauma with a holistic approach - Emotional healing therapy and pain


The energetic body is in the center to enable healing for physical, emotional and mental body. The vibrational therapy specialist will work with you to unblock or unclog imbalances and blockages within your being. This is done by projecting the correct frequencies required to find this balance and space for free flowing movements. You will find that parts of your true essence, which were previously hidden. They start to come back into alignment and come alive again.

Overcoming trauma
with a holistic approach

Maja healing therapies believe in overcoming trauma with a holistic approach. Why? When the being comes into a state of trauma whether physical or emotional the whole being will become affected. Many traditional western styles of medical treatments only focus on one area. It can often be possible that emotional health is the direct cause of physical pain. Also in the opposite why physical pain and ultimately lead to emotional and energetic problems. It is almost always that the being as a whole is affected by trauma’s of any level. So the holistic approach is so important when considering the wellbeing of the client as a whole.
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