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Holistic hypnotherapy Bali - Hypnotic healing center - hypnosis to facilitate healing process


On this page you learn everything about the Maja Healing Hypnotherapy in Bali. Would you like to know more about how you can shorten your healing and how hypnosis works? Read more and book your session from 2,000,000/session of 2.5 hours!

What is Holistic Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to work through and resolve a variety of thought patterns. It works by accessing the subconscious and tapping into the root cause of the problem directly. Therefore, change can be felt fast.

We facilitate your healing
Hypnotic healing center

What does it feel like to be in a state of Hypnosis?

In the most simplistic way you will feel extremely relaxed. Every client explains the experience differently. However, everyone will describe the sensation as a deep relaxation as well as noting that they still felt fully aware of what was happening. They also comment on still being in control of their body/mind. Some clients have been so relaxed that they loose sensation of their body like the state when you first awake from a deep sleep. For others, it is a combination of deep relaxation and a heaviness like you can have after a fantastic massage.

Hypnotic healing center - hypnosis to facilitate healing process

Hypnosis to Facilitate the Healing Process ​

Many of our clients come to us after they have already tried other forms of therapies including long term medical issues. For some the belief systems are so deeply rooted and have been held for so many years that it may very well take years to uncover in traditional therapy settings. For others, they have used it to help aid their current treatments. For example some clients who have a fear of needles but are going through long term treatments at hospital, can use hypnosis to over come their fear of needles so that the healing process will be less stressful and smoother.

hypnosis to facilitate healing process

Who is holistic hypnotherapy for?

Everyone can benefit from Hypnosis. Most of us have areas in our lives where we struggle, feel stuck or want to improve. Common reasons our clients visit us is to resolve emotional pain and limiting beliefs. This might include recurring life themes, for example: romantic relationship problems struggle to gain financial stability issues with family members or friends. Hypnosis can also benefit people struggling with long term pain and or lethargy. It can also help to break certain habits eg smoking, bad diet, poor sleep etc. The body is a natural healer, so when we tap into the root cause the body will take over and become a hypnotic healing centre itself. In this way we use hypnosis to facilitate healing process.

Holistic hypnotherapy Bali - Hypnotic healing center - hypnosis to facilitate healing process

How many sessions IN THE HYPNOTIC HEALING CENTER will I need?

Everyone is different, but we aim to resolve your issue as fast as your mind will allow. Some clients only require 1 session for example. On average our clients visit us for 1-3 appointments.

By accessing the subconscious, we get straight to the root cause of the issue and therefore can find resolutions fast. While other styles of therapy can help as well, they mostly take much longer to come to a resolution. Your happiness is the most important part of this work. We ensure the pace of hypnosis to facilitate healing process is at a pace you feel comfortable with.

How many sessions in the Hypnotic healing center do I need?

Are there any side effects with Hypnotherapy?

Most people will have minimal post session effects. As we are working with the mind and in some cases very long term belief systems it is recommended not to plan any big or major events following the next 3 days as there is no way to foresee how you will feel afterwards.

You will likely have a period that we call ‘in transition’. This is your body processing the changes and rewiring as result. It may take up to 2-3 nights sleep. This is very normal and very common. On the more extreme side, these post session symptoms can include feeling tired/needing to sleep, being hungry, feeling more emotional than usual, feeling tingling around parts of the body, very deep sleep, feeling more energetic than usual, the need to retreat, the need to go out and do sports.

hypnosis to facilitate healing process at Maja Healing

is there a difference BETWEEN Holistic Hypnotherapy Bali, Australia, Europe or the Americas?

Some people ask is hypnotherapy different in Bali vs Australia, Europe or the Americas. Our therapists offer their own unique version of hypnotherapy coupled with their personal experiences of what has worked best with their patients as well as pulling in other tools they have acquired over their careers.

If you have had treatment in another country it is possible that treatment here will vary. This is the similar as how treatment may vary from therapist to therapist within each country.

Do you have more questions about hypnotherapy?

We facilitate your healing
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What should I expect from the hypnosis appointment?

Contrary to most people’s expectations you will be awake as well as aware. The old clique of therapists sending people into a trance through eye contact alone, is largely for comedy effect on TV these days. This is NOT what will happen in your session.

You will simply be very relaxed. This relaxed state is what is required to enter the alpha and or theta brainwaves. It is in this state that we can start to access your subconscious. This is the part of yourself where all the key information is stored. We merely facilitate this process.

We use a variety of techniques to help you overcome your issues and have your needs met. We select the methods we feel will work best for you and your circumstances.

TEAM OF OUR Hypnotic Healing Center

At Maja Healing hypnotic healing center we have 3 trained hypnotherapists; Katrika, Marie, Patrice. This allows us to have more flexible appointment times. It also allows you a level of choice in your therapist. For example some people have a gender preference when seeking help on certain areas of their lives.

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Jl. Umalas II No.74, Kerobokan
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