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Holistic energy healing Canggu - Help through an energetic practitioner


Read everything about our energy healers and their work. Do you wonder how energy healing works and how these techniques can assist you to overcome your issues. Patrice and Pak Heru are happy to be on your side! Read more and book your energy alignment & magnetism for 1,000,000/session per 45 min-1 hour!

Help through an energetic practitioner - WHAT IS THAT?

Energy healing has been practiced for centuries in many different forms. It works with the energy fields around the body.

The team of holistic energetic healing Canggu can help a range of physical, emotional and energetic problems. For example Pak Heru and Patrice have treated, cured and/or improved the following issues with his patients;

  • Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke
  • Heart Problems
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • Healing after Chemotherapy
  • Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism
  • Diabetes and Metabolism problems
  • Parkinsons
  • Sports Injuries (muscular)
  • High blood Pressure, and many others…
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holistic energy healing canggu - help through an energetic practitioner 1

help through an energetic practitioner -How long is the appointment?

Each appointment lasts 30mins. It is very a powerful and very precise work, which means a lot can be achieved within this time frame. Pak Heru will let you know if he feels you should come back for more treatment and how much time to leave between appointments. Many people only need to visit once, but as every person differs, so some people may require or want more appointments.

Holistic energy healing Canggu - Help through an energetic practitioner

holistic energy healing canggu - How will I feel after the energy healing appointment?

Mostly our patients have an immediate sensation of relief and also many clients have commented on feeling lighter after the treatment. As everyone is different and holds different problems, so your experience afterwards may differ also. We recommend keeping the day of the appointment quite free so that your body has time to adjust to changes felt during the appointment. It may take up to 4 days for the body to fully digest and realignment fully to this treatment. Please be gentle with yourself during this time on both a physical and emotion level.

Help through an energetic practitioner - Holistic energy healing Canggu

Is there any recommended post treatment care?

We suggest that you avoid any overly busy, strenuous or stressful events immediately afterwards. Stay well hydrated as toxins may exiting the body following the treatment. If Pak Heru has recommended any dietary changes then please follow this advise as well.

Help through an energetic practitioner

What should I wear to the appointment?

We would recommend to wear something that you will feel comfortable in. However there is no special requirements for this type of treatment. Shoes will need to be removed for the treatment.

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Are there any side effects to be expected from the energy healing treatment?

It is possible that you may feel a little tired after the help through an energetic practitioner. This will pass once the body has digested the work from the treatment. Some clients may feel more sensitive on an emotional level following the treatment as well. All of these symptoms will pass soon and you will start to notice the benefits quite soon after.

We facilitate your healing
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Holistic energy healing Canggu

What should I expect from the energy healing appointment througH totok?

Our holistic energy healing canggu is focused on a traditional Indonesian technique called totok. This technique has been passed down through many generations from the shaolin monks. It is based on acupressure and the meridian channels.

This treatment has been practiced by the Shaolin monks for hundreds of years and there are only a few remaining practitioners left in the world. With help through an energetic practitioner, you can find more comfort within your own body and soul by releasing blockages within the meridians.

Our energetic practitioner, Pak Heru, channels his chi through your meridians to clear the pathways and find balance. The non-invasive procedure will not perform magic over night but will heal you steadily starting from the first treatment.


The session will begin with the therapist working on your body, starting with your feet. He will use the pressure points on your feet together with analizing your aura for your diagnosis. Through this he will identify where your issues are. You can point out your issues before the session starts, but it is not necessary.


After the diagnosis the treatment will continue by touching pressure points as well and moving the body. This work will unlock the meridians and allow better flow of blood and energy around the body. The treatment is mostly painless but it is possible you may feel some pain when the therapist is working on a specific ailment.


At the end of the treatment the Shaolin technique of ‘Totok’ is applied to your neck. This unique type of healing can only be achieved with help through an energetic practitioner. You can ask about the root cause of your ailment and if diet changes are suggested.

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