Maja Healing is the only network of pragmatic healers that brings together different modalities of healing for those who are physically, mentally and energetically suffering.

We help who want to increase their sense of wellbeing in the modern world in an era of extremely demanding and straining daily living conditions.

Please feel invited to facilitate your individual healing in a warm and welcoming environment.


Maja Healing offers treatments and therapies which are built on traditional yoga. Yoga means to awake the human self to the path of higher consciousness, which enables us to have union and harmony in body, mind and energy. Yoga helps us to open the conscious self to the Divine and to live in Union with the Divine Supreme Self; it is a mystical union with the whole universe. This leads us to a serene, calm and blissful state of life. We experience this equilibrium or harmony in our life – in the body and mind; with the humanity, the nature and the Supreme Self.

To achieve this union and harmony of the Self a lot of us have to go through healing processes. Maja Healing tailors your healing to your needs, it doesn’t matter if it is the healing of your mind, body or energy.

We facilitate your healing
"The reason why we get up in the morning, is the fulfilment of being part of easing the suffering and increasing the wellness of another's life"
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We exist to reduce suffering of individuals. If one person is happier, it ripples out and affects the whole world.
Read about our story, our values and believes.

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